This past week I went with one of my former students to the Blanton Museum of Art to see the exhibit, Nina Katchadourian: Curiouser. (I could write a whole post about how great it is to be an ex-high school teacher because your students still remember you when they become adults and then go with you to museums, but that’s a subject for another day.) Nina Katchadourian is a Brooklyn-based Armenian-American multimedia artist, and much of her art in this exhibit was created using whatever was at hand—a napkin and a bathroom lavatory mirror, food and magazines on an airplane, portraits cut from food and cleaning products—but my favorites were the little stories she created using stacks of two or three books from a friend’s library. Being a lover of words, I was, of course, inspired to race home and see what I could create from my limited collection of books (I don’t keep many). My art is not as brilliant as Katchadourian’s, but I had a good time making it.

Here they are (and, yes, they are autobiograpical):


Weird U.S.
Everything’s an argument


Franklin Barbecue
I like you
A Texas tragedy


Forward from this moment
The odyssey
Either you’re in or you’re in the way


The audacity of hope
You are not so smart


Half broken things
Living faith
Thank you, God


The girl in the black raincoat
You are an acceptable level of threat


One time, one place
The Muppets make puppets
In the American west


And last, but not least:

One writer’s beginnings
Faking it

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