This past week has been one of those where I found myself feeling too angry too often. The presidential campaign. The hipsters overtaking Austin. The fact that I left some Antonelli’s cheese on the counter over night and had to throw it in the trash. Who knows what exactly puts me in such a foul mood, but when it happens, I know how to fix it: make a list of the top-ten things that make me smile.

  1. Middle-aged women wearing hats
  2. When a barista takes the time to add some art to the surface of my latte with the frothed milk
  3. Watching someone hold the door open for an elderly person or a parent with a stroller…heck, anyone taking the time to hold the door open for anyone else
  4. Art cars, especially if a lot of glue has been used in their creation
  5. A crowd singing along to a good old gospel song
  6. Following someone out of the animal shelter and seeing them look lovingly at their new dog with ears that are too big for her head or legs that are too short for his body
  7. A shelf of well-read and well-loved books
  8. An adult on a bicycle (as long as he or she is not wearing any spandex)
  9. When I get home from the grocery store and realize someone accidentally put something unhealthy that I’d never buy (like Cheez-Its!) into my cart
  10. The new baby Bevo (especially when he’s introduced right before the Horns beat Notre Dame and catapult themselves into 11th place in the AP poll)

And already I feel better.

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